As our name suggests we assist companies to improve their operational performance through providing top performing candidates and consultants for increased efficiency and profit.

This may be through our consultants to; restructure the business, change the operational processes, reduce product waste, implement new staff working practices, etc. Following the initial information gathering process, you may need a management consultant to implement "change" or recruit "key" candidates for specific areas of your business.

We provide high achieving Consultants and Candidates on an interim or permanent basis, with a back-up and mentoring service to ensure agreed targets are met.

Why Choose us:

All our Recruitment Managers and Consultants have held senior Management positions in companies that have gone through "Change" and they can relate practically and commercially to your requirements


High achieving Sales & Operational talent in 2017 will be far more difficult to find as competitors strive to raise their performance levels to increase operational efficiency and profits.

You will therefore need "Top Performers" to achieve a healthier bottom line and assist in developing your business. In our experience, high achievers are too engrossed in their current roles to respond to adverts or send their CV's speculatively to recruitment agencies.

Through specialising in sales & operations- we know how to reach candidates with the culture, qualifications and the experience specific to your needs with transferable skills between industries. We conduct all searches in strict confidence protecting both Client and Candidate.

At the start of the assignment we need an understanding of your business, the pressures surrounding the tasks of the vacancy, and what you expect this person to achieve in their first 6-12 months of employment in order to provide you with various options. You may need an Interim Manager to do a specific task in a given time, or recruit a permanent candidate who already has the experience and skills you require to move your business forward.

We will take between 10–15 days to provide you with fully recruited candidates, using unique (CI) Competency based Interviewing techniques which identifies high calibre candidates who can not only do the job from day one, but also ensures that their career aspirations are met. Our techniques and experience ensures you meet the best candidates with the experience and culture you require.


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